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Field-based Work

Geological Mapping (on surface & underground)

Geological mapping is one of our key areas of expertise and forms the indispensable core of any project. We have experience in geological mapping, both on surface and underground including outcrop maps, surface bedrock maps (interpreted), structural maps, rock face profiles and roof/stope mapping - in any terrain. We can carry out mapping in any environment including mountains, deserts, or jungles. However, the type of terrain and its outcrop situation controls the quality of the resulting map.
Geological mapping consists not only of walking the ground, but all steps from pre-fieldwork background studies of the area, over the initial hand-drawn paper copy in the field, to creating profiles, digitizing it in GIS and writing a comprehensive mapping report.

We can assist you in two ways to ensure best coverage of your property by:

  1. advising your team on mapping techniques and/or strategies or
  2. carrying out the mapping for you.


Prospecting usually accompanies geological mapping of an area, certain situations may require uncoupling. We provide background research on the area of interest, followed by walking the ground to identify any signs of mineralization. If mineralization is encountered, we will take samples and prepare them for shipment to a lab of your choice (we can also assist you in finding a lab and filling out the forms). The precise work program will be adjusted to the client´s needs and wishes.

Geochemical Sampling

Geochemical sampling is an essential part of any exploration project. We can assist you in planning and carrying out your desired sampling programs. We have experience in rock chip, core, stream sediment and soil sampling. We can further assist in trenching. The program design will depend on terrain, geology, desired resolution, budget and the socio-political situation within the target area.
If desired, we can also assist in shipping, data processing & interpretation and QA/QC procedures.

Core Logging

You are planning a drill program, but are short a geologist? You are fighting an increasing backlog? You need advice on core logging?
No problem! We have extensive experience in diamond core logging and can not only help with regular logging, but also with structurally oriented core, RQD and geochemical sampling. Depending on your needs, we can adjust core logging to optimize either speed or detail. We further follow the philosophy that as many observations as possible should be marked directly on the core before being photographed.
If desired, we can also assist in designing a core logging facility.

Underground Reconnaissance

We have several years of experience in caving/spelunking and historic mine exploration. If you have a cave, historic underground mine or bunker on your property and you want to know what it looks like inside, we can gain access for you. Services will be based on your needs and may include drawing a rough surveying map of the old workings/caverns, geological mapping and sampling of ore zones. We are able to access shafts using SRT, if it is necessary and safe to do so. Safety is the highest priority in this type of work!

Office-based Work

Digitizing Data in GIS

Many properties exhibit a history of former mining and/or exploration activities with various amounts of available historic data. Historic mine plans, geological maps and sample/drill hole locations are some of common datasets. Incorporation of these datasets into a master database is a valuable addition, however requires time and patience. We will draw either regular vector graphics of your scanned plans and maps or digitize them directly into GIS, if possible.

Graphic Generation

A diagram tells more than a thousand words. High-quality diagrams, graphics and cross-sections greatly improve a report or presentation making it more professional. We can take your ideas and/or sketches and turn them into meaningful graphics using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Translation Service

Germany had been very active in exploring new areas in the last millennium. Reports of German explorers from the 1900´s are commonly written in their native language. We can help to translate these reports into English as long as they are legible (old German may prove difficult!).

Management & Planning

Mine Lease / Target Evaluation

We can assist in evaluating your project and/or mine leases considering deposit geology & geometry, political & socio-economic situation and environmental aspects.

Geological Project Planning

You have a claim, but are unsure on how to start? We can assist in planning and setting up a work program depending on location, information density and budget.

Public Relations


You are a science teacher in school whose class thinks that math or other sciences do not have a real-life application?
You are looking for someone in industry to present the geologist's life after university to your geology university students?
No problem! As an exploration geologist, one is not only dealing with all aspects of sciences and math (especially statistics!), but is also travelling across the world to many interesting places and seeing different cultures. We can provide all kind of presentations from exploration geologist´s adventures through general work-related topics through to specific topics like the use of statistics in sampling and resource calculations.

Field Courses

We provide field courses for university geology departments in basic mapping skills. The key contents are the proper use of compass and other geological tools, basic orientation and navigation skills, geological bedrock mapping and proper recording of rock faces.


We are in close contact with Geotourist Freiburg , who has a large portfolio of different fieldtrips. If you want to learn more about a historic mine district in your area, or if you are looking for a field trip with an emphasis on resource geology, feel free to contact us and we will try to set up a trip that suites your needs and wishes.